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Ref. No: 
                                                                                                           Date     : 5th August 2013
Mr. R**** ***,
The Principal,
Yusof Ishak Secondary School,

Dear Mr. Richard Chew,
Appreciation on recent visit on Student Conference and Founders’ Day
We hope it is not too late to officially thank you for the opportunity to visit YI again recently. We were deeply touched by the warm reception that you and your staff had extended to us and the great effort taken to make us feel comfortable and at home throughout our 2-day trip there. Your kind hospitality and generosity are greatly appreciated.
2.         Our time in Singapore has been an enriching and an enlightening one in many ways. Being there on your 48th Founders’ Day and watching the stage performances was indeed inspiring and a good exposure that has enhanced our knowledge and experience.  The visits to the Zoo and Gardens By The Bay were a perfect ending to a trip likely to be remembered for a long time.
3.         We certainly hope that this collaborative effort will continue in the coming days and look forward to your visit in early September.
Thank you once again.

Yours faithfully,


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